As Mayor of Rockwall, I will continue to promote the following:

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    The fiscal well-being of our city is paramount for our residents

  • Economic Development

    To continue to work closely with our Rockwall Economic Development Corporation (REDC) to ensure that business development and property acquisition is continually forward-thinking in order to maintain the reduction of our individual property taxes and the continued creation of employment opportunities for our residents

  • Infrastructure

    To work closely with TXDOT to find solutions to mitigate the traffic congestion within Rockwall

  • Development

    To promote the thoughtful development of Rockwall by developers while considering the impact of their developments upon the infrastructure of Rockwall (Rockwall ISD, Fire, Police, Water, Sewers, etc.)

  • City Services

    Ensuring that our phenomenal city staff continues to professionally serve the needs of our residents

  • Public Safety

    Ensuring that our public safety personnel (Police and Fire) are appropriately compensated and equipped to continue providing the selfless service that promotes the safety and security of all of us throughout the city of Rockwall.