Public Servant

  • Military Veteran - Decorated U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 3

  • 34+ years law enforcement experience (Military, Local, Federal and County) U.S. Secret Service - Retired

  • Local Small Business Owner - The Compound Royse City

  • National, Regional and Local Leadership and Community Involvement

  • Proud Texan, Conservative Christian, and Resident of Rockwall

Clarence Jorif


Clarence L. Jorif is a distinguished graduate of Norwich University, Northfield, VT from which he obtained a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Safety/Emergency Preparedness. He graduated from The State University of New York – Excelsior College, Albany, NY, and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

Military Veteran – Decorated U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 3

During his military service he was assigned to the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command and was a highly decorated U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 3. During his tenure, as a Detail Leader within the Protective Services Unit, he was responsible for the personal security of U.S. Department of Defense officials and their foreign counterparts.

34+ Years Law Enforcement Experience (Military, Local, Federal, and County)

Clarence’s leadership skills have been honed throughout 34+ years of federal, county, local, and military law enforcement service. He retired in December 2016 as a Senior Special Agent from the U.S. Secret Service, where he provided and supervised protective operations for the President and Vice President of the United States, Former Presidents, and Foreign Heads of State. Clarence was the U.S. Secret Service Hispanic Special Emphasis Program Manager and is a federally certified Mediator and Alternative Dispute Resolution practitioner.

Local Small Business Owner – The Compound Royse City

He is a successful businessman and owner of The Compound Royse City, which is a shooting sports facility currently located in Rockwall, TX. The business affords individuals the ability to learn safe recreational and educational shooting skills.

Community Involvement

Clarence currently serves as Vice President of the Rockwall County Republican Men’s Club; is a lifetime member of the Terry Fisher American Legion Post 117; is a member of the Band of Brothers, Sisters, and Friends; is a member of the Rockwall Chamber of Commerce; and, is a member of the Rockwall Veterans Business Alliance. Clarence currently serves as the elected National Treasurer for the Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association (HAPCOA), Washington, DC.

Conservative Solutions

In each state in which he has resided, he has served in leadership positions promoting conservative solutions for the betterment of the community and local businesses. He served the United States Jaycees at the national level as the Citizen Corps Chairman and as the President of three local chapters within the U.S.

Proud Texan, Conservative Christian, and Resident of Rockwall

Clarence is inspired by promoting conservative solutions and will remain dedicated to the preservation of those values in his pursuit to become your Rockwall City Councilman for Place 3. He is a proud Texan and Conservative Christian, who has been a resident of Rockwall since 2012, where he resides with his wife, Lyne, and three daughters – Maya, Sydney, and Darby.